other people’s things

other people’s things// a basket of decorations. a blanket. some clothes i used to borrow, now mine. coming back for another year as a missionary means not everyone you left behind is still here. more than a few good friends have left, to return back to normal life, to go home, to continue on the … Continue reading other people’s things

Fall | 010

i don’t really know what to tell you. not cohesively, anyways. some days are good, and some days are bad. this past week was good, but the week before that was bad. there is still tension at school, and the rain has stopped. it’s fall, and i’m going on a trip to victoria falls next … Continue reading Fall | 010

nsima: an unofficial explanation of malawi’s main staple

bums balancing on the thin wooden beam, rachel, beth and i quietly observe maggie making nsima (en-see-mah)(also known simply as 'sima'). it's a practice we've seen before, only this time, the sky is grey, and we are all aware of how different this christmas eve is from ours past. maggie is our housekeeper. throughout the … Continue reading nsima: an unofficial explanation of malawi’s main staple